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The uncompromising match between Liverpool and Atalanta

Liverpool will welcome Atalanta at home in the match in the second leg of the Champions League group stage, which will take place at 3:00 p.m. on November 26.

Liverpool will welcome Atalanta at Anfield’s home ground in the match in the second leg of the Champions League group stage. A victory will help The Kop go straight to the next round and the goal of coach Jurgen Klopp will be to win all 3 points.

Rarely is a team that has both achieved good results in the domestic arena and flourished in the Champions League like Liverpool. Coach Jurgen Klopp’s army is in very impressive form with a series of 8 consecutive unbeaten games despite having suffered great losses in terms of force with injuries from pillars like Van Dijk, Gomez, or Arnold.

Liverpool are in good form despite the injuries of the important strikers

In the encounter in the first leg, Liverpool, despite not having the best team, easily defeated Atalanta 5-0 at home. This is also the 3rd consecutive clean sheet victory of The Kop in the Champions League this season.

A victory in the upcoming match will not only help coach Jurgen Klopp’s team win tickets to the next round but also help this team rush their Champions League record of 4 consecutive wins since March 2009.

On the other side of the front line, Atalanta’s performance at present is not impressive, Coach Gasperini’s army has only won 1 victory in the last 5 matches.

Atalanta are showing a declining form

La Dea is currently ranked 3rd in Group D with 4 points after the first 3 matches and this team will face the risk of being eliminated from the group stage if it cannot win a good result against the home team.

The upcoming match promises to be extremely dramatic and attractive when both teams are in desperate need of a victory. Although playing at home, however, with a patchy squad, Liverpool will have to be wary of Atalanta because this team has been cornered and will be strong in the next match.

Liverpool will play in the Champions League on Wednesday night against Atalanta before being forced to play against Brighton on Saturday in the Premier League’s noon (local time) match. The dense schedule has put The Kop’s forces in a difficult situation.

Klopp’s side lacked many key players due to injury and Liverpool suffered another loss on Sunday after Naby Keita was forced out in a 3-0 win over Leicester City. Klopp thinks the schedule is being manipulated by television stations.

Premier League

Chelsea benefits from the Premier League’s top goalscorer

Chelsea has had an opening goal against Newcastle thanks to the top goalscorer in the Premier League in the last 5 years.

Chelsea took only 10 minutes to shake Newcastle’s net in round 9 of the Premier League. But this achievement did not come from the excellence of the Chelsea strikers because the scorer was a Newcastle player.

Defender Federico Fernandez fumbled an own goal when he was influenced by Ben Chilwell in the 5m50 area. The Newcastle players responded fiercely because they thought that Chilwell had fouled Fernandez. Chilwell personally also stopped short without immediately celebrating because he had an impact on the opposing player.

Fernandez’s own goal helped Chelsea to have the opening goal

But referee Craig Pawson still recognized the goal for Chelsea after consulting with his assistants. The slow-motion video showed that Chilwell had a normal dispute and his impact on Fernandez was not enough to blow the penalty.

Fernandez’s own goal helped Chelsea to have the opening goal

Therefore, Chelsea still benefits greatly from the top goalscorer in the Premier League. Federico Fernandez has scored five times since his Premier League debut in September 2014 up to now. During the same period, only Lewis Dunk scored as much as Fernandez did.

More broadly, both Lewis Dunk and Federico Fernandez are ranked eighth on the list of top scorers in the history of the Premier League, five goals behind the top, Richard Dunne.

Abraham scored to increase the gap for Chelsea

In this match, despite having a very early opener, the Chelsea strikers played quite ungainly and had to wait until the 65th minute to score to increase the gap. This time, Timo Werner helped Tammy Abraham to score.

With the return of Havertz, Chelsea’s attacking trio will include former players Leverkusen, Hakim Ziyech, and Timo Werner. These are all three faces who just arrived at Stamford Bridge in the summer.

Chelsea kick with a 4-3-3 chart

Back down, Mateo Kovacic, N’Golo Kanté, and Mason Mount will work together in midfield. Meanwhile, Reece James, Kurt Zouma, Antonio Rudiger, and Ben Chilwell are likely to be selected by Coach Lampard in the defense.

In the wooden frame, Kepa Arrizabalaga with an unstable form will have to cede the position to Édouard Mendy, the goalkeeper bought by Chelsea from Rennes for 22 million euros.

On the opposite side, Newcastle remained loyal to the 3-5-2 chart, in which Schar, Lascelles, and Fernandez are sentenced in front of goalkeeper Darlow. The home team’s 5 midfielders include Murphy, Lewis, Hendrick, Hayden, and Longstaff. In the striker line, Wilson replaced Joelinton with Saint-Maximin.

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Liverpool is suffering the defense crisis

Liverpool are more miserable with the crisis of forces in the defense caused by the injury, the latest victim is Joe Gomez.

Liverpool defender Joe Gomez is concerned about his absence for the remainder of the season as well as next summer’s Euro final after suffering a serious knee injury during England’s training session.

According to the Daily Mail, Gomez was injured in his final training session with England ahead of tonight’s friendly match against Ireland and the news is like a blow for coach Jurgen Klopp.

Joe Gomez has just suffered an injury

The initial concerns were that even if Gomez fought to return this season, he would still be unlikely to make it to the European Championship. Be aware that the Liverpool midfielder missed the 2018 World Cup because of an injury.

With Gomez added, Liverpool plunged into a serious defensive crisis with Virgil van Dijk absent for the remainder of the season with a knee injury, Trent Alexander-Arnold sidelined for four weeks with calf strain and Fabinho – the person being put on fire as a center-back – is still not sure whether to return after having a thigh problem.

Gomez is undoubtedly a key part of Jurgen Klopp’s plans in the coming months due to Van Dijk’s injury following a dreadful clash with Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford.

How many midfielders have Liverpool left after losing Van Dijk and Gomez?

Liverpool are in crisis at center-back after Joe Gomez followed Virgil van Dijk’s footsteps with a serious injury. Liverpool constantly suffered heavy losses in defense, the latest being Joe Gomez with serious knee damage, leading to the risk of leaving the game until the end of the season.

Gomez maintained good form during Van Dijk’s absence. But now he and Van Dijk, the defensive duo contributing to their first championship in 30 years, are in the treatment room.

Liverpool lost more Joe Gomez due to injury

And yet, the absentee list also included Fabinho and Trent Alexander-Arnold, who had to take a month off game due to calf injury. Thus, Joel Matip is currently Liverpool’s only official midfielder. This forced coach Klopp to resort to young players such as Nat Phillips, Rhys Williams, Sepp van den Berg.

In the match against Midtjylland, Williams replaced the injured Fabinho. Then, it was Phillips to pair up with Gomez in a 2-1 win over West Ham. Entering the Champions League, Klopp placed Williams again in the center of defense.

Premier League

Pogba made a mistake that caused MU to pay a heavy price

Paul Pogba continued to make a blaming mistake that caused MU to pay a heavy price with a disastrous defeat against Arsenal in the Premier League.

Paul Pogba made a stupid mistake again, causing MU to be punished in the game to welcome Arsenal. It was difficult to understand when Bellerin had the complete advantage to control the ball.

Pogba made a big mistake with Bellerin

Pogva’s kick from behind to Bellerrin’s foot was so clear that referee Mike Dean didn’t need to think much but immediately pointed to the penalty spot. This is the third time that Pogba makes a mistake that causes MU to be punished under coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, while his teammates have only made a maximum of 1 similar mistake.

Of course, Aubameyang did not miss Pogba’s precious gift to score the only goal that helped Arsenal win an important victory over MU.

This goal helped the Gabon striker become the first Arsenal player to successfully execute a penalty at Old Trafford in the Premier League. The Gunners failed on both occasions before the opportunity was given to Robin van Persie (2011) and Gilberto Silva (2006). This goal also helped Aubameyang end a streak of 5 matches in the Premier League.

Aubameyang scored on the penalty spot to help Arsenal win against MU

Meanwhile, MU received 5 goals in the last 7 penalties at home in the Premier League. This defeat left MU still in 15th place, while Arsenal balanced the score with the Top 5 Premier League.

MU disappointed fans at home in the Premier League this season

MU certainly feels ashamed of his attack when playing at home in the Premier League this season, especially after the defeat to Arsenal. MU lost to Arsenal at home for the first time in 14 years from Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s penalty was also due to the disappointment of the strikers.

It is difficult to understand when a few days ago “Red Devils” also crushed Leipzig to 5 goals in the Champions League arena. And now, they accept the fact that they must be 15th in the Premier League and have not won any home game.

No MU player has scored more than one Premier League goal at home and Fernandes took the penalty spot against Spurs. Whether it is Harry Maguire or Paul Pogba is given as the scapegoat for mistakes, no one can forget how much MU disappointment in terms of scoring goals at home.

Premier League

Son Heung-min and Harry Kane are showing outstanding performances

Tottenham has a not impressive start in the Premier League 2020/21, but the duo Son Heung-min and Harry Kane are showing outstanding performances.

For those who have watched the Premier League for more than 10 years, the saying “Gerrard has the ball and Torres on the move” has become all too familiar. It shows the cooperation of the Liverpool team under the reign of coach Rafa Benitez. Now, the fans are seeing a similarly connected pair, Son Heung-min and Harry Kane of Tottenham.

How did Son shine?

On the morning of October 27, Tottenham had a trip to Burnley’s field. Mourinho’s army faced many difficulties in front of the host. Once again, Son Heung-min shined to bring victory to Tottenham. And before that, the creator for the Korean player was none other than Harry Kane.

76 minutes from a fixed situation, Son scored the only Tottenham goal with a header from Kane. The two Tottenham players became the second best couple in Premier League history when they scored 29 goals together. They ranked Robert Pires – Henry (Arsenal), David Silva – Sergio Aguero (Man City) and behind Didier Drogba – Frank Lampard (Chelsea).

Thanks to that goal, Son rose to the top of the list of “\top scorer in the Premier League 2020/21. Out of the eight goals he scored, 6 were created by Kane.

Son and Kane spent 5 seasons playing together. But it is not until this season that they can show their great agreement. The poker shot Son scored in Tottenham’s 5-2 win over Southampton in the second round of the Premier League is the clearest proof of that.

Son Heung-min and Harry Kane are showing outstanding performances

Son scored 4 goals, all created by Kane. According to Opta, this is the first time in Premier League history that a player has four goal passes to the same teammate.

The best duo in Premier League history

Kane delivered sharp passes like a top playmaker. He performed well with both feet, sending the ball in the right range of his teammates’ movement. Also, the English striker observed and passed the ball very quickly.

Even Kane can create in a back-facing position and doesn’t need to look. If he hesitates, he can cause his teammates to fall into an offside position. Meanwhile, Son showed the qualities of the real goalscorer. The Korean striker always takes advantage of opportunities very well.

Most of the Kane tectonics for Son have long or medium distance. That proves that the Tottenham captain clearly understands the strength of his teammates. Son often wins his opponents in quick bursts.

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The 2-1 victory of MU over PSG by coach Ole Solskjaer

The 2-1 victory over PSG by coach Ole Solskjaer recalled beautiful memories in Paris. Nearly 2 years ago, MU created a comeback to beat PSG 3-1 to win tickets to the quarter-finals of the Champions League 2018/19.

Then still in Paris today, amid suspicions, MU wrote his epic for the second time. Paris is always a beautiful memory for Manchester United. The hero f two years ago in a penalty that decided to defeat Gianluigi Buffon was once again the hero in a stunning kick to defeat Keylor Navas.

Rashford’s performance

No one will be more worthy of being the main vocalist than Rashford in this epic song, and no one is more beautiful than Rashford for today’s story. Rashford is the most excellent product that MU’s youth training furnace has produced over the past decade, that alone is pride.

The 2-1 victory of MU over PSG

From the little boy of the Carrington Training Center, a young man who was busy taking a test even though he was discovered by Luis van Gaal, to the thousand-known Marcus Rashford today. It is a long journey in search of sporting glory.

Juan Mata, Ander Herrera came to Paul Pogba, the first thing these players mentioned to Rashford was the words “Confidence”. All comments in Rashford bring great confidence.

Only self-confidence and self-worth, at the age of 20, Rashford dared to accept the task of kicking the decisive penalty for MU’s quarter-final ticket in the 90th minute, only in confidence then you dare to go ball and finish like that against Navas today.

It is the confidence forged in the history of Manchester United of the man who grew up with the breath of a homegrown Manchester United.

MU plays better, creates more chances to counterattack with higher damage, and wins with a more sensible game. PSG only endanger David de Gea with long shots and has an equalizer with an own goal, and MU not only has 2 goals but also many times possesses extremely dangerous escapes.

Man United still has many uncertainties

The magnificent Paris of 2 years ago has helped Ole Solskjaer successfully try his job and come to an official contract. The magnificent Paris of 2 years later made the grave wonder about the true portrait of the Norwegian teacher.

Premier League

MU risks being sued, the Premier League is in great conflict

The inside of the Premier League has a fierce conflict with the Big Picture project and the Big 6 group led by MU and Liverpool are being threatened with court proceedings.

Although the ball was rolled back on the English pitch, the damage caused by Covid-19 was still extremely heavy.

The two bosses of MU and Liverpool are behind the Project Big Picture plan

However, the bailout is in danger of dissolving into smoke with recent controversy. On October 11, the British press simultaneously reported that the Big 6, led by MU and Liverpool, launched a huge reform plan called Project Big Picture with a £ 250 million aid package.

The two bosses of MU and Liverpool are behind the Project Big Picture plan

This radical plan was controversial by reducing the number of Premier League clubs (from 20 to 18), removing the League Cup and the English Super Cup, and reallocating revenue from television rights in order. from top to bottom and change of voting rights in the Premier League.

Although adding the condition that 25% of the total revenue of the Premier League will go to the League of English Leagues (EFL), this plan is strongly opposed by the lower-ranked teams losing their revenue from the League Cup. and UK television royalties are too divided.

Things became even more troublesome when the press revealed that the EFL president, Rick Parry had “reached a tacit agreement” with Big 6 and agreed with this plan. This makes the lower-ranked teams extremely angry. They are asking Rick Parry to resign because of this scandal. Before that, EFL CEO David Baldwin resigned after only a short time in office.

The Premier League is in great conflict

The English Football Federation also voiced its support for this plan. They are willing to use their interests in the Premier League to veto the plan even when 20 teams pass.

The Premier League is in great conflict

This source also said that this plan will be difficult to be approved during the meeting between 20 clubs in the Premier League this weekend. However, the future is not certain. If a common voice cannot be found, both sides will go to court and it will be an extremely large lawsuit. According to the latest survey from the Daily Mail, 8/20 Premier League teams disagree with this plan while 10 other teams have not yet determined their intentions.

Premier League

Everton overwhelmed the Premier League’s award

Carlo Ancelotti and Dominic Calvert-Lewin were named the best coach and player in the Premier League in September 2020.

Ancelotti surpassed three candidates, Jurgen Klopp, Brendan Rodgers, and Dean Smith. All four coaches shared the winning record in September 2020, with Liverpool, Leicester, and Aston Villa. Ancelotti won the fifth “best coach of the month” award, in November 2009, August 2010, March 2011, April 2011, and September 2020.

For the fifth time, Ancelotti received the monthly award in England

For the fifth time, Ancelotti received the monthly award in England, after four honored occasions at Chelsea. Only nine coaches have more tournaments than Ancelotti.

For the first time since February 2009, Everton won two important monthly awards. Meanwhile, midfielder Phil Jagielka and coach David Moyes were honored. This time, Calvert-Lewin was named as teacher Ancelotti.

Calvert-Lewin beat teammate James Rodriguez, along with Patrick Bamford, Timothy Castagne, Harry Kane, Tariq Lamptey, Sadio Mane, and Jamie Vardy to win the first prize in his career. The 23-year-old striker scored five goals in three games last month and was called up for England for the first time. For the first time since Lukaku in March 2017, Everton has a new player to win the award.

Ancelotti’s teachers and students dominated the top of the table

Everton beat Tottenham 1-0, West Brom 5-2, and Crystal Palace 2-1 in September. They extended their winning streak when they defeated Brighton 4-2 on October 3. Ancelotti’s teachers and students dominated the top of the table, with 12 points.

The transformation of Everton

Thanks to the interest-free investment of nearly half a billion USD from owner Farhad Moshiri, Everton gradually revealed its ambition to climb into the ranks of Premier League giants.

Thanks to the investment of owner Farhad Moshiri, Everton gradually revealed its ambition

Everton is fourth-richest in England, with nine championships, behind Man Utd, Liverpool, and Arsenal. Goodison Park was also the first dedicated football field in England, in 1892. Tradition will also be the foundation for Everton to transform into the new giants of the Premier League.

The generous bosses like Moshiri, or Usmanov, pay money for a team that had precedent in the Premier League, which is Abramovich and Al Nahyan. It took Abramovich two years to help Chelsea win the championship, while Al Nahyan took four years. Competitiveness at the top of the Premier League is increasing, and Moshiri needs many more years to hope to conquer the title. But, he is ready for a war that smells of money.

Premier League

Chelsea is unlucky to lose to Tottenham in the penalty shootout

Despite the brilliant scoring form of expensive rookie Timo Werner, Chelsea soon stopped in the fourth round of the League Cup after they once again lost the fateful 11m series.

After a hard draw on West Brom 3-3 in the third round of the Premier League, Chelsea had another sad trip to Tottenham Hotspur in the fourth round of the English League Cup. Mason Mount’s 11m kick that brought the ball out of Mason Mount made “The Blues” officially stop at the first domestic cup arena in the 2020/21 season.

Rookie £ 47.5million – Timo Werner opened the scoring for Chelsea

At the London derby on September 30, at a stadium worth 1 billion pounds Tottenham Hotspur, Timo Werner opened the score for Chelsea thanks to a dangerous shot to kill the box in minutes 19. Unfortunately for the army of coach Frank Lampard when they were equalized by “Rooster” 1-1 in the 83rd minute after the situation of the lightning strike of Erik Lamela’s goal.

Timo Werner opened the score for Chelsea

Notably, from last season until now, Timo Werner has scored 35 goals in all competitions. Only Robert Lewandowski (56 goals), Ciro Immobile (40), and Cristiano Ronaldo (40) had more release times than the German striker had just joined Chelsea from RB Leipzig during this period.

Chelsea has lost 6 of the last 8 penalty shootouts in the League Cup, including 3 matches in the fourth round of this arena, before Burnley in 2008/09, Stoke City in 2015/16, and Tottenham in 2020/21.

Chelsea for the 6th time failed in the last 8 times to take a penalty shootout against the opponent in the League Cup

Facing ex-Jose Mourinho, the London army has just broken four consecutive wins against Spurs in all competitions (best against London from January 2000 to January 2002). Meanwhile, eliminated Chelsea, Tottenham stepped into the quarter-finals of the League Cup this year to continue their search for their first title under the reign of Mourinho.

Chelsea failed the penalty shootout

In the upcoming match, at 18:30 on October 3, Chelsea will return to Stamford Bridge’s home ground to welcome Crystal Palace in round 4 of the Premier League. Tottenham will also face Maccabi Haifa in the Europa League qualifying rounds at 2 am on October 2 before playing MU in round 4 of the Premier League two days later.

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Thiago shone on his Liverpool debut day

The Spanish midfielder set a record for the number of successful passes in 45 minutes in the Premier League against Chelsea on September 20.

Liverpool’s £ 20million rookie made his new team debut in a 2-0 win over Chelsea when he entered the second half. Coach Juergen Klopp gave him the chance after captain Jordan Henderson left the field due to a possible thigh injury.

Thiago Alcantara did not take long to prove his influence in the midfield of the visitors. He delivered 75 successful passes, more than any other Chelsea player, even those who played the full 90 minutes. Thiago is impressed with his ability to pass the ball and regulate the game against Chelsea.

According to Opta, these are the most successful passes per player played for up to 45 minutes in the Premier League, since the tournament used statistics in the 2003/04 season. This performance was enough for Liverpool fans to forget about a penalty in the penalty area with Thiago’s Timo Werner, resulting in an 11-meter kick that Jorginho later failed to kick.

Andreas Christensen’s red card in the 45th minute was a turning point that led teachers and teachers Frank Lampard to lose the game. In the second half, Sadio Mane made a double in less than 5 minutes to help Liverpool win 3 points away.

In the 75th minute, Jorginho had a chance to shorten the difference on the 11-meter mark, but could not beat Alisson Becker despite performing his forte shooting technique.

Chelsea still keeps its great performance. Previously, Chelsea also won Brighton 3-1 in the first round of the Premier League.

Thiago cried while leaving Bayern Munich

The Spaniard cried and hugged Chief Executive Karl-Heinz Rummenigge to thank him for allowing him to move to Liverpool.

In the past season, the Spanish midfielder was the backbone of the Allianz Arena team. He played 40 matches in all competitions, played nearly 3,000 minutes, scored 3 goals, and made 2 assists. Thiago is considered to be one of the best midfielders in Europe currently.

After winning the Champions League, the former Barca player left Bayern to move to Liverpool for a fee of 30 million euros. He won a total of 17 titles after 7 years of playing for Germany, including 7 Bundesliga titles, 1 Champions League, and 1 European Super Cup.