Premier League

Arsenal are in trouble with injury, coach Arteta is under great pressure

Arsenal was dealt a blow ahead of their clash with Chelsea after Gabriel Martinelli limped off the field in a loss to Man City due to injury.

The teenage striker played his first game in 9 months but suffered pain after a strike from goalkeeper Zack Steffen in injury time in the first half. Martinelli continued to play but endured before limping toward the dressing room during the break.

Coach Arteta blamed Arsenal for a crisis due to bad luck

Coach Mikel Arteta suddenly announced that Arsenal had not good results in the Premier League over the past time due to bad luck. Failure to Everton forced Arsenal to accept 15th place on the rankings and only 4 points ahead of the relegation group. The Gunners have 14 points after winning only 1 of the last 10 Premier League matches.

Coach Arteta blamed Arsenal for a crisis due to bad luck

But coach Mikel Arteta suddenly announced that Arsenal should have won, not lost, in the last three matches against Everton, Burnley, and Tottenham. This statement is based on Arsenal’s prediction of chances of winning through the analysis of parameters of ball possession, the chance of making, shot, or shot on target.

Arsenal lost to Everton with a 67% chance of winning

In fact, Arsenal has a higher expected pre-match goal index than 4/5 of the closest competitors to meet in the Premier League, Wolves, Tottenham, Burnley, and Everton. But in the end, they lost all 4 matches and drew only Southampton when they had a worse expected goal score than their opponent.

Arsenal wins MU when they have a lower expected goal index than their opponent

In fact, Arsenal only hit more goals than their opponents in the matches against Burnley and Southampton, but the quality of the shots was far below. The capital statistics are for reference only. Arsenal won against West Ham and MU despite having a lower expected goal index than their opponent. But they failed when they had higher expected goals than Liverpool and Man City.