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Premier League put pressures on the players

The players may be cut wages if they do not return to training, in preparation for the return date of the Premier League.

The meeting between 20 Premier League clubs and the organizers in the afternoon of May 18 agreed to resume the tournament and send the players to the training ground in small groups from this afternoon 19/5. This is step one of the “Project Restart” plan.

Before playing, players must strictly follow the Government’s medical regulations such as maintaining a safe distance, measuring body temperature, driving a private car to the training place, and not spitting while on the field.

Although there are only about five weeks left until the expected return date for June 19, a small number of players are still concerned about the risk of nCoV infection. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), players of African descent or a history of respiratory diseases are more susceptible to viral infections than ordinary people.

That’s why Sergio Aguero, Raheem Sterling (Man City), Tammy Abraham, Antonio Rudiger (Chelsea), Danny Rose (Tottenham) and Manuel Lanzini (West Ham) have not agreed with the overall plan.

The Premier League organizers have yet to set a date for return, but after the Bundesliga went through the first round of the post-Covid-19 era quite smoothly, the English football leader was trying his best to roll the ball on June 19, according to Telegraph . The British daily also revealed that if the tournament could not be resumed before July, it could be canceled, meaning the clubs would lose about a billion dollars.

To increase motivation, as well as pressure the player, some clubs have informed the player that they will not receive the current compensation if they refuse to practice. Firstly, cut bonuses, then consider signing short-term contracts (maybe year one) instead of long-term contracts.

Premier League chief executive Richard Masters also promised to complete the contract procedure for players expiring on June 30. Speaking on Sky Sports, he emphasized: “They will be automatically extended for a short time until the current season closes. Of course it has to be agreed by both sides.

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Owen chose the top 3 forwards in the Premier League

Having had the opportunity to play with 8 of the 10 top scorers in Premier League history, Michael Owen rated Alan Shearer, Thierry Henry and Luis Suarez.

Owen’s opinion receives consensus from statistics. Shearer is the top scorer in Premier League history, with 260 goals. Henry is sixth, with 175 goals, and is the most prolific scorer in Arsenal history. In his generation, Henry is also among the most awarded, with World Cup, Euro and Champions League titles.

Suarez, played only four seasons in the English Premier League but scored 82 goals in 133 matches. He made a great contribution to help Liverpool in second season 2013-2014, and is the top scorer of this year.

A prodigy of English football in the late 1990s, Owen was the ninth scorer in Premier League history, with 150 goals. He used to stand side by side and face eight players in the top 10 biggest strikers in the tournament’s history.

The only man the former Man Utd player has not had the opportunity to compare shoes is Sergio Aguero, currently ranked fourth in the top 10, with 180 goals. The Argentinian striker is also the striker with the highest goalscoring performance in the top 10, at 0.69 goals per game, slightly better than Henry (0.68).

Aguero: ‘Owen inspires me’

Striker Sergio Aguero considers Michael Owen an example of learning from a solo goal against Argentina at the 1998 World Cup.

Owen impressed Aguero from a solo goal against Argentina, his hometown of Argentina, in the eighth round of the 1998 World Cup. when shot accurately into the high corner.

As an adult, Aguero chose La Liga as the first destination after leaving Argentina. Since 2011, he started playing and shining in the Premier League. He only needed nine years to win four titles, become a legend of Man City.

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Top football stars Newcastle wants to have after the new takeover

Saudi Arabia’s success in the acquisition of Newcastle could create excitement in the transfer market in the near future. Here are the potential football stars!

Max Allegri (unemployed)

Sources close to the new owner revealed Newcastle will receive significant investment in infrastructure, especially player purchases. One of the first steps for the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia would be to ask coach Max Allegri to sit on the club’s hot seat.

The Italian strategist is still unemployed after leaving Juventus in 2019. He will be Newcastle’s target of acquisition after the club has completed the process of changing hands.

Arturo Vidal (Barca)

If Allegri coach takes the hot seat, Newcastle will likely convince Vidal success. The Chilean midfielder has worked with Allegri for many years at Juventus. Mundo Deportivo revealed Vidal is ready to turn down Manchester United in the summer transfer window to work with the Italian strategist.

Vidal’s contract with Barca is only valid until June 2021, so Newcastle may not spend too much money to pay the Camp Nou team in this case. However, the Premier League club is likely to spend heavily to pay Vidal a salary. Mundo Deportivo revealed the 32-year-old can earn up to 12 million euros a year, becoming one of the top earning players in the Premier League.

Jack Grealish (Aston Villa)

The star of Aston Villa is one of the goals of many big English clubs. Grealish is shining brightly at Villa Park, scoring 7 goals and having 6 assists this season in the Premier League. He is a versatile midfielder who can play many positions in midfield.

The price of this player is definitely not cheap. As revealed by the British press, Aston Villa will only sit at the negotiating table if the clubs accept to spend a minimum of 80 million euros for the 24-year-old midfielder. Newcastle will certainly use financial advantages to compete with Liverpool and especially Manchester United in this case.

Olivier Giroud (Chelsea)

Similar to Vidal’s case, Giroud will be a big name that Newcastle can confidently convince in the upcoming transfer window. The French striker will expire with “The Blues” at the end of this season. A new project like Newcastle will be extremely interesting for the former Arsenal striker. After his experience at Arsenal and Chelsea, Giroud also prioritized his continued stay in the Premier League.

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Gloomy forecast on the transfer market of Premier League

Former Liverpool Football Director Damien Comolli believes that only three Premier League teams can spend money during the summer 2020 football transfer.

English football in particular and European football in general in general are heavily influenced by Covid-19. The club damage first is the ticket sales, due to play in an audience field. With the Premier League, if unable to resume the season, 20 clubs can lose more than a billion dollars.

Comolli, 47, French, participated in football activities for the first time as an Arsenal scout. He helped Arsene Wenger discover the Kolo Touré, Emmanuel Eboue and Gael Clichy. Later, when he moved to football director at Tottenham and Liverpool, he continued to help these two clubs recruit many successful contracts such as Luka Modric, Dimitar Berbatov, Luis Suarez and Jordan Henderson.

Lukaku turned away from the Premier League

Striker Romelu Lukaku no longer wants to return to the English Premier League, after spending his first successful season with Inter.

In a Q&A on Twitter on 18/4, when asked about his ability to return to the Premier League, Lukaku replied: “I don’t think so, but I really enjoy playing time for Everton.”

Lukaku played eight years in the Premier League, from 2011 to 2019 for Chelsea, West Brom, Everton and Man Utd. In particular, the most successful four seasons Everton coat. He scored 87 goals in 166 matches for the Merseyside blue shirt team.

Lukaku scored the most goals in the 2017-2018 season: 27 for Man Utd, and scored 15 more in the 2018-2019 season. However, according to coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the Belgian striker did not fit the team’s play. This is also the reason why he came to Inter, where he contributed 23 goals in 35 matches in the first season.

Lukaku greatly admires Inter coach, Antonio Conte. In the reverse game AC Milan 4-2, Conte gave excellent instructions during the break that the players respect.

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Rooney’s anger exposes the dark side of the Premier League (Part 2)

Rooney asserts that he and his colleagues in the foggy country are willing to reduce wages to support health workers. However, he believes that he will only do so if every decision is made open and transparent.

Rooney questioned the £ 20m donation that Premier League owners and executives for the UK National Health Service (NHS) recently.

The striker described the amount as “a drop in the middle of the ocean” compared to the huge profits they get from football. Meanwhile, Premier League players will lose a large amount of money if they accept a 30% reduction in monthly income from the club.

Former player Gary Lineker commented that it was ridiculous to point the nose at football players. He analyzed the new Premier League owners and organizers who need to be questioned about their contributions to the community.

Daily Mail revealed during the latest meeting between PFA and Premier League organizer, the atmosphere became “extremely stressful”. During the meeting above, only Kevin de Bruyne, Troy Deeney and Mark Noble were allowed to give views from the players.

Premier League stars want to ensure that if they agree to a pay cut, other club staff will not lose their jobs or reduce their earnings during the suspension. Besides, the money that the players sacrifice must also be transferred to the medical staff fighting against the disease.

It is estimated that if players accept a 30% pay cut during the outbreak, the Premier League clubs will save more than £ 570 million.

Rooney’s speech came shortly after Liverpool got caught in a wave of opposition from fans and British media. The Anfield team is expected to apply for a British government pension to be able to pay 100% of salaries to employees during the epidemic. “The Kop” wants to pay 20% of the salaries to the aforementioned employees, the remaining 80% of the salaries of the employees will come from the UK government pension fund.

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Rooney’s anger exposes the dark side of the Premier League (Part 1)

Rooney’s recent article sparked a heated debate in England. In the comment section of The Times last weekend, Wayne Rooney issued a message with a lot of anger.

He stated that he and his colleagues are happy to support the government and health workers in the current crisis. However, the former MU striker did not forget to open the attack on the boss and organizers of Premier League. “Why do football stars have to be scapegoats?” Wrote Rooney.

Rooney is the only star of football in the foggy country to dare to express his attitude openly, even somewhat harshly about the salary that the players are receiving in the current crisis.

The English striker wrote that the bosses and tournament organizers in England acted “dirty”, when putting pressure on the players and asking them to automatically cut wages to help the team overcome. hard.

In a meeting last week, the organizer of Premier League asked the British Professional Football Association (PFA) to share the difficulties with the clubs. The shareholders who are owners of 20 teams want players to reduce 30% of income in the context of the tournament does not take place because of the disease.

In a statement, Health Secretary Matt Hancock also expressed his desire that football players should voluntarily reduce their wages.

However, PFA does not believe that players must sacrifice income from clubs. A part of the players who are playing in the Premier League believe that their sacrifices will only benefit the team owners, instead of directly helping the community.

According to English law, players are still paid in full during the break, unlike in Spain, where clubs can automatically cut 70% of a player’s salary thanks to ERTE law.

Rooney believes the British authorities and Premier League executives intentionally put the players in an awkward position. “If the players go out and claim to disagree with the pay cut, they will be considered rich but miserly,” the striker is playing for Derby County.

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The kind action of MU and Liverpool when Premier League is postponed

MU and Liverpool took the lead in kind action when the Premier League postponed the end of April because of Covid-19.

Premier League 2019/20 is suspended until April 30

The Covid-19 epidemic is crippling world football as most tournaments have been postponed to ensure public health. Recently, the Premier League organizers have agreed to postpone the tournament until the end of April instead of the April 3 milestone as originally expected. This decision was made after a stakeholder meeting on March 19.

Delaying the tournament for more than a month not only makes fans wait but also creates many other consequences. The easiest are those who make a match. Security, driving, sanitation staff, medical staff of the stadiums in the Premier League are in unemployment. They are usually seasonal workers and only get paid for the matches they take place.

According to a Independent UK investigation, these employees receive only about £ 8.21 per hour of work. With the tournament delayed until April 30, the risk of “starvation” of these employees is great. The same situation is experienced in the United States in the US professional basketball (NBA) teams.

The kind action of the football clubs

The clubs really want to help but cannot afford the cost to seasonal workers. Therefore, the French shadow star Rudy Gobert (Utah Jazz) has donated $ 200,000 to the employees of the stadium to cover life during temporarily unemployed.

However, the situation in England is somewhat brighter with nice gestures from the clubs. Independent newspaper survey with 20 clubs currently playing in the Premier League about the ability to pay for the staff of the stadium during the time off because of Covi-19 and obtained very positive results.

Typically, Liverpool, the Anfield home team, still accepts to pay employees for three days of playing at home as expected (March 21, April 12, April 25) despite the fact that it does not take place. Each match will cost about 200,000 to 250,000 pounds per match so the total amount of Liverpool “relief” for the staff falls from 600,000 to 750,000 pounds.

MU also confirmed the same thing when the Old Trafford team wants to reduce financial anxiety for seasonal employees and recognize their important role for the club. However, the prerequisite is that these employees must work for the club for 3 months or more. In addition, Brighton, Crystal Palace, Wolves are also responding to this movement.

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Premier League and EFL suspended in England due to the spread of coronavirus

Elite football in England has been suspended till at least April 3 due to the spread of coronavirus.

All games in Premier League, Women’s Super League, Women’s Championship, and EFL in England, plus in Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, are postponed.

The play of Premier League will start on 4 April, depending on the conditions at the time.

Football Association Chairman Greg Clarke has expressed his fear at the emergency meeting last Friday that the season might have to be abandoned.

The international friendly matches between England and Italy due to on March 27 and Denmark four days later are off.

The EFL hopes to resume play one day earlier than the Premier League on April 3. The EFL said it was advised that clubs had better suspend non-essential activities like fan meetings, player appearances, and training ground visits.

Since FIFA recommended that all impending internationals had better to be called off, the UEFA Euro 2020 play-offs might also be postponed, too.

Northern Ireland, Scotland, and the Republic are all planned to play their semi-finals on March 26 and the finals five days later.

Late on Thursday, Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta was announced to have tested positive for the coronavirus, and then early on Friday, Chelsea striker Callum Hudson-Odoi also revealed that he had been affected. Meanwhile, a first-team player of Everton is said to have shown symptoms.

Earlier this week, some clubs, including Chelsea, Manchester City, Leicester City, Arsenal, Bournemouth, Real Madrid, and Juventus, revealed that they have some or even all of their staff in self-isolation.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Thursday that suspending major public events like sporting fixtures was considered by the government but would be a measure to protect public services rather than delay the spread.

Meanwhile, the EFL said although this decision had not been lightly taken, they had to prioritize the health of players, staff and supporters as well as acknowledge the national efforts in tackling this outbreak.

Football has also been suspended in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands, and the USA.

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Premier League chiefs warn clubs to play behind closed doors due to the spread of coronavirus

Premier League chiefs have written to clubs to warn them that they should play behind closed doors due to the widespread of the coronavirus. This raises the case that Liverpool would win the title in an empty stadium.

SunSport revealed on Tuesday how Prem and FA chiefs had begun war-gaming virus scenarios during a bid to urge the season finished.

Italy last night announced that each one sport fixtures — including Serie A — are going to be staged behind closed doors until April 3.

In the present, all 20 Premier League clubs are sent a letter warning about the worldwide spread of Covid-19.

More than 95,000 coronavirus cases are reported in the whole world, with 87 within the UK, while more than 3,000 cases have died.

Clubs are being urged to make sure the very best hygiene standards but there was also an acknowledgement, for the primary time, that there’s an opportunity of the govt banning all large gatherings of individuals, forcing matches to be played without fans.

That would be the choice of pis aller for Premier League chiefs and also the clubs, with a priority that fans should prefer to congregate outside of grounds hosting critical matches.

Clubs have also been advised to scale back non-essential visitors and keep face-to-face meetings to a minimum.

Inter Milan have had two Serie A matches postponed since the coronavirus began spreading and also played an Europa League tie against Ludogorets behind closed doors in February.

David Moyes, West Ham boss, said last Saturday that if football goes behind closed doors, it’s not worthwhile since the sport is for fans. Therefore, he hopes that they will find the way to overcome what is happening.

Meanwhile, Zhang, who was born in China where the outbreak began, added that every club has a responsibility to deliver the proper message because safety is the highest priority.

UEFA has found out a working party to assess what action must be taken – and therefore the prospect of Champions League and Europa League ties over subsequent fortnight going ahead without fans is growing.

Italy fear their Wembley friendly with England on March 27 also will be axed.

The clash may be a key a part of Gareth Southgate’s Euro 2020 preparations.

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Man City’s Sergio Aguero named January’s Player of the Month after six goals

Striker Sergio Aguero of Manchester City has broken the record for the most Premier League Player of the Month awards after being awarded the prize for January.

The Argentina football player has surpassed Steven Gerrard and Harry Kane after a period in which he scored six goals in just three league matches.

Argentina international Aguero has now won the award on seven occasions, surpassing Harry Kane and Steven Gerrard, who have six each to their name.

The first time he picked up the prize was in October 2013 and the last time was just under a year ago in February 2019.

The former Atletico Madrid forward became the top-scoring overseas player in the competition’s history, surpassing Thierry Henry, with his second goal against Aston Villa on January 12.

He then went onto complete his hat-trick at Villa Park, meaning he also became the player with the most trebles in Premier League history with 12, one more than Alan Shearer.

In total, Aguero scored six goals in just three league appearances for Man City in January when he netted both goals in their 2-2 draw with Crystal Palace and1-0 success over Sheffield United.

As well as Henry he also went past Frank Lampard’s total of 177 Premier League goals last month, and as such has just Shearer, Wayne Rooney, and Andy Cole ahead of him.

Cole’s tally of 187 goals certainly seems like it could be beaten before the season is out if Aguero can maintain his current form and potentially win a second Premier League Golden Boot.

With 16 league goals during this season, he sits number two in the standings, one goal behind Leicester City star Jamie Vardy.

Aguero is hoped to add to his tally and help Man City get back to victory ways on Sunday when they host West Ham at the Etihad Stadium.

Pep Guardiola’s side is coming off the back of defeats to Manchester United and Tottenham in their last two games, with the Blues failing to score in successive matches for the first time under the Catalan coach.

They currently sit 22 points behind leaders Liverpool, with their hold on the Premier League trophy after back-to-back titles loosening on a weekly basis.