Premier League

Rooney’s anger exposes the dark side of the Premier League (Part 1)

Rooney’s recent article sparked a heated debate in England. In the comment section of The Times last weekend, Wayne Rooney issued a message with a lot of anger.

He stated that he and his colleagues are happy to support the government and health workers in the current crisis. However, the former MU striker did not forget to open the attack on the boss and organizers of Premier League. “Why do football stars have to be scapegoats?” Wrote Rooney.

Rooney is the only star of football in the foggy country to dare to express his attitude openly, even somewhat harshly about the salary that the players are receiving in the current crisis.

The English striker wrote that the bosses and tournament organizers in England acted “dirty”, when putting pressure on the players and asking them to automatically cut wages to help the team overcome. hard.

In a meeting last week, the organizer of Premier League asked the British Professional Football Association (PFA) to share the difficulties with the clubs. The shareholders who are owners of 20 teams want players to reduce 30% of income in the context of the tournament does not take place because of the disease.

In a statement, Health Secretary Matt Hancock also expressed his desire that football players should voluntarily reduce their wages.

However, PFA does not believe that players must sacrifice income from clubs. A part of the players who are playing in the Premier League believe that their sacrifices will only benefit the team owners, instead of directly helping the community.

According to English law, players are still paid in full during the break, unlike in Spain, where clubs can automatically cut 70% of a player’s salary thanks to ERTE law.

Rooney believes the British authorities and Premier League executives intentionally put the players in an awkward position. “If the players go out and claim to disagree with the pay cut, they will be considered rich but miserly,” the striker is playing for Derby County.