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Rooney’s anger exposes the dark side of the Premier League (Part 2)

Rooney asserts that he and his colleagues in the foggy country are willing to reduce wages to support health workers. However, he believes that he will only do so if every decision is made open and transparent.

Rooney questioned the £ 20m donation that Premier League owners and executives for the UK National Health Service (NHS) recently.

The striker described the amount as “a drop in the middle of the ocean” compared to the huge profits they get from football. Meanwhile, Premier League players will lose a large amount of money if they accept a 30% reduction in monthly income from the club.

Former player Gary Lineker commented that it was ridiculous to point the nose at football players. He analyzed the new Premier League owners and organizers who need to be questioned about their contributions to the community.

Daily Mail revealed during the latest meeting between PFA and Premier League organizer, the atmosphere became “extremely stressful”. During the meeting above, only Kevin de Bruyne, Troy Deeney and Mark Noble were allowed to give views from the players.

Premier League stars want to ensure that if they agree to a pay cut, other club staff will not lose their jobs or reduce their earnings during the suspension. Besides, the money that the players sacrifice must also be transferred to the medical staff fighting against the disease.

It is estimated that if players accept a 30% pay cut during the outbreak, the Premier League clubs will save more than £ 570 million.

Rooney’s speech came shortly after Liverpool got caught in a wave of opposition from fans and British media. The Anfield team is expected to apply for a British government pension to be able to pay 100% of salaries to employees during the epidemic. “The Kop” wants to pay 20% of the salaries to the aforementioned employees, the remaining 80% of the salaries of the employees will come from the UK government pension fund.